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9-11 Memorial Gathering

September 16, 2014

NEW MILFORD – It is always an honor to be invited to address the public, including our own First Responders in the New Milford area on 9-11.  I spoke about the attacks that occurred 13 years ago and how we still feel the pain, even more intensely when we gather together as a community on 9-11.   As President George Bush said “One of the worst days in America’s history saw some of the bravest acts in America’s history.”

I spoke about how those attacks changed us but also about how the attacks did not change us.

“What the attacks did not change was the willingness of our first responders to put themselves in harm’s way whenever needed. What the attacks did not change was the resilience of the American spirit to face evil and to advance and not retreat. What the attacks did not change was our resolve as Americans to be a beacon of light for freedom and opportunity for all the world.”