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Buck-Taylor Discusses Legislative Issues with Seniors

September 9, 2014

NEW MILFORD — State lawmakers representing New Milford spent time at the Senior Center recently discussing the 2014 legislative session and many ideas that turned into law over the four-month period.

State Representative Cecilia Buck-Taylor (R-67) joined state Sen. Clark Chapin (R-30) and state Rep. Richard A. Smith (R-108) in covering a swath of policy questions and issues facing Connecticut from rising energy costs and skyrocketing living costs to the state’s aging population and telemarketer do not call lists.

“Serving as an effective advocate in Hartford on behalf of constituents back at home demands taking every opportunity possible to hear their concerns and ideas,” Representative Buck-Taylor said. “Many people here in New Milford follow closely what happens in state government and are keenly aware of how decisions at the Capitol impact their lives—so, it’s critical that we take every chance to hear them out.”

“I want to thank the New Milford Senior Center for hosting this open community forum,” said Senator Chapin. “We all have many concerns about the quality of life in Connecticut. This meeting gave legislators an opportunity to listen to these concerns, and explain how new laws will ease some of these worries. It also gave all of us a chance to explore where we go next, as community members shared their ideas for new legislation,” said Chapin.

“We had some intriguing dialogue,” Representative Smith said. “We have a community passionate about their state, their home, and making sure the leaders in Hartford are helping create an environment for sustainable living. It is always great to hear from our constituents and I look forward to doing it again.”

In 2014, the Connecticut General Assembly enacted a number of laws affecting senior citizens. The nonpartisan Office of Legislative Research assembled a report reflecting much of what the New Milford delegates highlighted during the debriefing – including the small house nursing home pilot program, over-the-counter drug coverage expansion, Alzheimer’s and dementia training and the Commission on Aging’s “livable communities” initiative.