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Buck-Taylor Pays Tribute to 9-11 Victims, Local First Responders

September 25, 2013

NEW MILFORD — State Rep. Cecilia Buck-Taylor today participated in a ceremony at Patriots Way marking the 12th anniversary of the September 11 attacks in 2001. Roughly 100 people were on hand, including local veterans and members of this community’s first-responder groups. Buck-Taylor, who represents the 67th General Assembly District, was joined by Mayor Patricia Murphy as well as state Sen. Clark Chapin and state Rep. Richard Smith—both of whom also represent New Milford. Buck-Taylor used the opportunity to not only honor those who lost their lives and acted bravely 12 years ago, but also praise the men and women who serve today as local first responders.

Read her remarks to the crowd here:

I am finding myself a little more nervous this morning than other times that I have made a speech as State Representative. I think for me, this day is more emotional because it happened so close by and it was on our watch. So please bear with me.

I was driving to work yesterday and found myself behind a tractor trailer. On its back end it had a silhouette of the Twin Towers in New York with the words “9 – 11, Always Remember”.

I knew from the ache I felt in my heart as I read that that I will never forget what happened on that terrible, tragic day 12 years ago.

As a community we come together here today to pay our respects once again to all of the people who needlessly and horrifically died that day or whose lives were forever tragically changed.

We also come together here today to remember all of those First Responders who endangered and sacrificed life and limb to come to the aid and assistance of all of those people on that fateful day.

No matter how often we meet to pay our respects or how many speeches we give, we will never be able to fully express the gratitude that we owe those First Responders. They showed the world —-what it means to protect and serve, —-what it means to take care of our own —- what it means to be an American.

We have here with us today many of our own First Responders, our fire fighters, our police officers, our ambulance and emergency personnel and many, many others.

Since that tragedy on 9-11, our own community’s First Responders has shown us that many of them are entitled to stand shoulder to shoulder with the 9 – 11 First Responders.

We have had our own share of tragedies for which our First Responders have shown that they are also willing, ready and able to come to the aid of those need. Whether we are talking about car accidents, home explosions, the occurrence of catastrophic storms, or when our First Responder all went beyond the call of duty with that heart wrenching tragedy that occurred in Newtown.

I believe that we can honor the sacrifices of those 9-11 First Responders today and everyday by making sure that we never forget what we ask of our own First Responders and what our own First Responders have always been willing to give to our community.

Their commitment to our town and to our state extends beyond their call to duty and makes me proud to live in New Milford, the town that we all hold near and dear to our hearts.

So, for today and every day, I thank all of you First Responders — on behalf of the State of Connecticut, —– on behalf of the 67th District —–and on behalf of myself, as your State Representative.

Thank you for making us so very proud.

God bless you all.