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Buck-Taylor Takes Office as State Representative

January 10, 2013



State Rep. Cecilia Buck-Taylor, a Republican from New Milford sworn into her first day of office Wednesday, said she has three priorities when it comes to legislation being proposed because of the Sandy Hook massacre: that children are protected, that those with mental illness aren’t vilified and protecting the Second Amendment.

The lawmaker is filling the seat once held by Clark Chapin, who ran successfully for the state Senate in November.

Buck-Taylor, an attorney who has served as a conservator for people with mental illness, said she has “real concerns that those with mental illnesses and disabilities may be ostracized” by others who are looking to protect their children or their right to bear arms.


“We have to do something, but there are no easy solutions,” she said. “Right now, there are proposals that are the result of a knee-jerk reaction. But we have to be thoughtful and put forward something that’s meaningful.”

Buck-Taylor said she had “goose bumps” when she raised her hand Wednesday to take the oath. “I know I can make a difference.”