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New Milford Student Receives Scholarship Award

May 25, 2014

State Rep. Cecilia Buck-Taylor on Thursday evening was at Rentschler Field in buck-taylor_CHET_1_webEast Hartford for a special ceremony recognizing winners of the Connecticut Higher Education Trust’s “Dream Big” scholarship competition, including New Milford fifth grader Wesley Szollosy-Hallock. The annual event, sponsored by the State Treasurer’s Office and TIAA-CREF Tuition Financing Inc., attracted nearly 4,000 submissions from 132 different cities and towns. Szollosy-Hallock, a Sarah Noble Intermediate School student, was among the 60 winners. The competition, open to grades K through 5, required students to draw pictures or write essays about how they will improve the world after college.

Buck-Taylor was proud to give Szollosy-Hallock a special citation from the Connecticut General Assembly honoring his achievement.