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Promoting Women’s Leadership

March 3, 2014


HARTFORD — State Rep. Cecilia Buck-Taylor was among the female legislators who shared thoughts on women’s leadership in an project organized by the the Permanent Commission on the Status of Women. Participating in the commission’s “quote poster series,” the first-term lawmaker and small business owner said, “Women, through their work in the legislature, have made an indelible stamp on the State of Connecticut. It’s an honor to be among the many women who have and continue to help lead this state today, and I hope the example we set will encourage young women to find ways to make positive impressions on their community, state and country.” Posters and quotes from Connecticut’s female state representatives and state senators were displayed on the concourse connecting the Legislative Office Building and the Capitol. The commission’s signature event, Women’s Day at the Capitol, will be held March 12. Among day’s the events is a panel discussion featuring female journalists who cover Capitol policy issues and politics.