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The Judicial Branch is Expanding its Remote Capabilities

May 29, 2020

Parties who have non-adversarial divorces or a temporary agreement may have their family court cases approved and ordered.
The Judicial Branch implemented a new procedure for the remote filing of temporary restraining orders.
Parties who have a final agreement may have their family court cases resolved without having to come to court.
Family pretrials and status conferences are being conducted remotely via video or phone by judges and Family Relations Counselors with parties and/or attorneys, with the goal of conducting such a conference in every pending unresolved family case.
Litigants who have e-filed their dissolution of marriage or legal separation case may remotely request a qualified domestic relations order, which applies to the division of retirement assets.
Parties in gestational carrier agreements may request approval of their agreements, and the entry of pre-birth orders, without coming to the courthouse for a hearing.